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Hip-Hop Jazz Deluxe

Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul, Rare Grooves

Hip-Hop Jazz Deluxe - RapTz.com

What’s Up With The Vibes

Old School, Rnb', soul, funk, Rap Français, Underground

Da Chaazz Sessions

Jazz, soul, Hip-hop

Da Chaazz Sessions - RapTz.com

Afro Tropical Funk

disco, latin, soul, funk, jazz, boogie, brazilian, afrobeat

Afro Tropical Funk - RapTz.com


Tropical Heat, Candy Soul, Uplifted Funk, Furious Afrobeat, Aphrodisiak Jazz, Electro 3000, Boogaloo Voodoo, Jurassic Cuts, P-Funk Skunk, Ragga Dagga

Boolimix - RapTz.com

We Need More Crates Radio

Hip-hop, soul, reggae, jazz, funk, punk

We Need More Crates Radio - RapTz.com

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